Strong Defense Against Criminal Charges Involving Guns

Last updated on May 22, 2024

Penalties for violating Virginia firearms laws can be severe, so it’s crucial to work with an experienced gun crime lawyer if you face charges. At The Law Office of Cosby & Calhoun, we understand the complexities of gun charges, such as bringing weapons in prohibited areas or violating concealed carry laws.

Based in Richmond, we protect central Virginia gun owners’ Second Amendment rights. As a former prosecutor, attorney Charles C. Cosby Jr. understands both sides of the legal process. Mr. Cosby and attorney Kevin E. Calhoun have over 50 years of combined experience in firearms and other criminal defense cases.

We leverage this extensive knowledge to represent individuals facing various circumstances, including:

  • Shooting guns unlawfully: Discharging a firearm without just cause or during a criminal act.
  • Reckless handling of weapons: Handling a firearm or other weapons in a careless way that could reasonably result in harm or injury to gun owners or others.
  • Carrying guns in prohibited areas: Bringing firearms into places where they are not allowed, which can include certain government buildings, schools and private properties that post restrictions.
  • Concealed carry laws: Charges resulting from carrying a concealed firearm, which typically require a permit and adherence to specific rules and conditions set by the jurisdiction.
  • Gun ownership eligibility rules: Individuals barred by law from possessing firearms, which may include convicted felons, persons with specific domestic violence restraining orders and those deemed mentally unfit.

We fight to safeguard your rights and ensure fair treatment for these and other firearms-related charges.

Gun Crime Attorneys Who Have Your Back

At The Law Office of Cosby & Calhoun, we frequently handle high-stakes gun cases, including:

  • Shootings that lead to injury or death
  • Assault with a deadly weapon
  • Armed robbery
  • Drug-related charges involving a firearm
  • Felon in possession allegations

As your attorneys, we meticulously examine the evidence, question the circumstances surrounding your arrest and develop a tailored defense strategy.

Our proactive and aggressive approach also works to counter wrongful or excessive charges. We build defense strategies based on our in-depth understanding of the law and practical knowledge of central Virginia’s court system.

Contact Richmond Gun Lawyers Fighting To Win Since 1977

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