In-Depth Knowledge Of The Criminal Justice System From Both Sides

A Team Of Skillful Criminal Defense Lawyers

Are you facing serious criminal charges? Are you concerned about protecting your constitutional rights while mounting a strong defense? Are you worried about the consequences of a conviction? If so, you need skilled and dedicated advocates fighting for you. You need Cosby & Calhoun From our law office in Richmond, our team of attorneys works closely together to offer aggressive legal advocacy while defending clients against serious criminal charges.

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Comprehensive Defense With A Team Approach

Mr. Cosby and Mr. Calhoun work closely together, collaborating to view your case from two perspectives. This gives you twice the insight, strategy and protection. They regularly defend clients from charges such as:

A conviction could mean harsh penalties like prison time and hefty fines, so our attorneys work tirelessly to secure them. With more than 50 combined years of experience, our criminal defense lawyers have extensive knowledge of the courts, criminal laws and defense proceedings.

In-Depth Knowledge Of The Justice System From Both Sides

Mr. Cosby prosecuted criminal cases for four years after serving as a judicial law clerk for the Virginia Supreme Court. This experience on the other side of the courtroom and at the appellate court gives him invaluable insight into how government lawyers present cases, allowing him to tailor arguments specifically designed to counter prosecution tactics. He has come up against a wide variety of prosecutors in many different jurisdictions in Virginia, which gives him an excellent perspective on how to provide his clients with the best possible defense.

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