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Here To Defend You If You Face A Sex Offense

Sex-related offenses, more than any other crime, are judged just as harshly in the court of public opinion as they are by the criminal justice system. Being merely accused of such an offense, much less convicted, can be devastating for you and have lifelong effects. In addition to civil consequences like sex offender registration (which could impair your housing and career opportunities) and public stigma, you could face life in prison.

These cases need the aggressive advocacy that can only be provided by experienced, skilled and zealous attorneys like Charles C. Cosby Jr., and Kevin E. Calhoun. From the Richmond-based Cosby & Calhoun, they combine more than 50 years of criminal law experience. When defending clients against sex crimes, they work tirelessly to seek a reduction or dismissal of charges, negotiate a fair plea bargain or secure an acquittal at trial.

Aggressive Advocacy Combined With Individual Attention

We handle all manner of sexual criminal charges, including:

  • Rape (also date rape, statutory rape or spousal rape)
  • Sexual battery (and aggravated sexual battery)
  • Carnal knowledge of a child (commonly known as “child molestation”)
  • Forcible sodomy
  • Internet solicitation of a minor
  • Possession, manufacture or distribution of child pornography

Due to the intense public scrutiny given to sexual offense cases, they must be handled with skill and discretion, by a lawyer who can handle your case in and out of the courtroom. You should also remain tight-lipped, not talking to police without consulting an attorney and definitely not speaking to the media.

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