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At The Law Office of Cosby & Calhoun, we dedicate our entire practice to defending people just like you facing serious criminal charges. In every case we handle, we are committed to seeking dismissals or reduced charges, winning acquittals and otherwise minimizing the possibly life-altering consequences that come with a conviction.

Our attorneys, Charles C. Cosby Jr. and Kevin E. Calhoun, are here to provide high-quality representation that protects your rights, addresses your concerns and yields the best possible result for you. Based in Richmond, they represent clients throughout Central Virginia and have appeared before courts in more than 60 jurisdictions throughout the state.

Richmond Criminal Defense Attorneys

We offer experienced defense against a wide range of serious criminal charges, including:

  • Drug crimes: Manufacturing, conspiracies to distribute, distributing, trafficking and possession with intent to sell, possession
  • Property offenses: Damaging, stealing money or property, breaking and entering
  • Serious traffic offenses: Vehicular homicide such as involuntary manslaughter, hit-and-run, eluding the police, reckless driving, habitual offender
  • Sex offenses: Sex-related crimes like rape, statutory rape, aggravated sexual battery and sexual battery, child molestation, sodomy, internet sex offenses
  • Juvenile offenses: All manner of offenses, including alcohol-related crimes, drug offenses, property crimes, crimes of violence and more
  • Violent crimes: Firearms offenses, aggravated assault, robbery, abduction, riots, manslaughter, murder
  • White collar charges: Theft by false pretenses, embezzlement, fraud, forgery, uttering, identity theft, credit card theft, worthless check, bank fraud
  • Criminal appeals: Appellate representation if you received a conviction and need to challenge it
  • Felony/misdemeanor DUI: Driving under the influence of alcohol or a controlled substance, license suspension, license revocation

Mr. Cosby formerly worked as a prosecutor. His experience on the other side of the courtroom gives him valuable insights into how the prosecution presents different types of cases, allowing him to plan his approach proactively around their tactics. His appearances in a variety of jurisdictions gives him the knowledge to handle criminal cases effectively.

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