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Juvenile crimes could potentially affect your child for the rest of his or her life. Convictions, even those received as a juvenile, might affect your child’s future educational and career opportunities. This is especially true if there are multiple convictions in a short period of time; a pattern of criminal activity could result in a minor being charged as an adult and having a permanent criminal record. Based on a variety of criteria, there are instances where juveniles are tried as adults, and can receive adult penalties. Your child’s future is at stake – you need a skilled and experienced legal advocate at your side. You need our team at The Law Office of Cosby & Calhoun

Our Richmond law firm is well-known for providing high-quality representation and personal attention to adult and juvenile clients alike. Our criminal defense attorneys, Charles C. Cosby Jr., and Kevin E. Calhoun, offer the knowledge gained over more than 50 collective years of criminal law practice.

A History Of Success Against Juvenile Crimes

Our juvenile crime defense lawyers handles juvenile cases that involve:

Juvenile cases are held in different courts than adult ones, unless the juvenile is transferred to adult court. You need an attorney with in-depth knowledge of the nuances between the two systems. The treatment of a juvenile can vary in many different ways from an adult, or, in some instances, it may be the same. We have that knowledge. Our team has handled cases in over 60 jurisdictions throughout Virginia and Mr. Cosby has been a juvenile court prosecutor. He has defended a juvenile as young as thirteen for murder, and has frequently represented juveniles for other very serious offenses. We work with both you and your child to craft a strong defense strategy — one that keeps your child’s best interests at heart while seeking reductions in or dismissals of charges and/or an acquittal at trial.

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