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From a Richmond law office, attorney Charles C. Cosby, Jr. offers aggressive legal advocacy while defending clients against serious criminal charges. A conviction could mean harsh penalties like prison time and hefty fines, so Mr. Cosby works tirelessly to secure the best possible results for each client. His background as a law clerk at the Virginia Supreme Court, and as a prosecutor along with his skill in English makes him a strong advocate for his clients.

Mr. Cosby’s background in this area involves not only a bachelor’s degree in English but also a master’s degree in English, graduating with honors from college, and being awarded a fellowship for graduate school. He was selected the best graduate in English from his college. The excellence achieved in this area demonstrates Mr. Cosby’s command of the English language which he uses to the benefit of his clients both in the courtroom and on appeal. The ability to successfully communicate one’s legal and factual arguments are key factors in criminal defense and his literary skills are invaluable in achieving these goals. His attention has been turned increasingly to cases of a more serious nature, where people are charged with offenses carrying very significant penalties or severe consequences, such as where their job may be at stake based on the outcome of the case. Individuals with these serious matters have regularly contacted him for help. He works alongside a dedicated staff who help him to effectively handle each and every case.

Mr. Cosby is on the Super Lawyers Website. With over 30 years experience handling criminal matters in more than 60 different Virginia communities, Mr. Cosby has extensive knowledge of various courts and relevant criminal laws. Learn more about Mr. Cosby’s experience by following the link below.

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