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Were You Unfairly Convicted? Exercise Your Right to Appeal.

Skilled Appellate Advocacy by the Law Office of Charles C. Cosby, Jr.

The criminal justice system moves quickly. Unfortunately, mistakes can be made in this system. Erroneous applications of law, mistakenly admitted evidence, prosecutorial misconduct and the purposeful or inadvertent withholding of exculpatory evidence may be grounds to appeal a trial court verdict. Time is of the essence, however. If you are interested in pursuing an appeal, you need to act quickly to meet filing deadlines and preserve the trial court’s record and evidence.

Whether you are interested in appealing a conviction for a drug offense, homicide, malicious wounding, theft, sex crime, or some other serious crime, it is important to understand that appellate representation requires an entirely different skill set than trial court advocacy. Lawyers handling criminal appeals must be able to build a case around the trial court transcripts and record and be able to persuasively argue for a reversal of the prior court’s decision. An appeal is an uphill battle, as a judge or a jury has already made an adverse decision.

Over 30 Years of Criminal Law Experience at Your Disposal

When you are considering taking on such a monumental challenge, you need a seasoned professional at your side, someone with years of experience in Virginia’s Appellate Courts. You need the representation found at the Law Office of Charles C. Cosby, Jr. Mr. Cosby was a law clerk at the Virginia Supreme Court after graduating from law school. There, he worked on appellate cases to aid the Virginia Supreme Court which is the highest state appellate court. Mr. Cosby, furthermore, has a master’s degree in English, and won a fellowship for graduate school. He graduated with honors in English at the University of Richmond. He also taught legal research at the University of Richmond. He has excellent writing skills which make for a well prepared appeal. Contact my office today to learn more about our appellate services and to schedule a consultation to evaluate your case. Call me at 804-636-3045 or send me an e-mail.

Attorney Charles C. Cosby, Jr. has dedicated his practice not only to criminal defense but fighting on appeal to protect the rights of defendants in Spotsylvania, Fredericksburg, Chesterfield, Hanover, Richmond, and Henrico and in many more jurisdictions throughout Virginia. By combining his considerable skill and knowledge with the aid of his professional support staff, Mr. Cosby offers clients the high quality criminal appeal representation they want and the personal attention they deserve.

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Contact my Richmond law office to learn more about my criminal appeals services and for an evaluation of your unique case. Send me an e-mail or call me at 804-636-3045.


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