College Students Charged with Offenses

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Mr. Cosby has represented numerous college students over the years for a variety of criminal offenses, many of which include felony and misdemeanor drug offenses, alcohol offenses, and larcenies. Mr. Cosby is very aware of the impact that criminal convictions can have on the prospects of young students where their future can be gravely affected as they look forward to various meaningful careers. Mr. Cosby knows that in many students’ formative years they may act recklessly, impetuously, or experiment with drugs, without regard for the consequences. This is often the product of the rashness of youth and the wish sometimes to test the boundaries set forth by society. Mr. Cosby in representing such students seeks to find a way to keep them from being convicted or if that cannot be achieved, to minimize the type of offense for which the student is convicted. Some offenses have much more serious consequences than others. For instance, some crimes can act as a “barrier” to certain types of careers, where others do not act as a barrier or prevent the student from certain types of careers.

Mr. Cosby obtains not only the necessary facts about the criminal charges, but also obtains important information about the student, who often has had no prior involvement with the criminal justice system.  Mr. Cosby knows from experience how helpful it can be to acquaint the Courts and the prosecutor with the positive background of the student and their aspirations and plans for the future. He attempts to elicit from those professionals involved in the case against the defendant, concern for the prospects of the student and a desire where possible to help them achieve personal success rather than preclude it. Mr. Cosby raises appropriate legal issues where applicable and also attempts to use positive information about the defendant to obtain favorable results.


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