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Criminal Defense Representation That Can Make The Difference

When facing charges for serious crimes, those that could potentially change your life forever, you need an experienced, skilled and knowledgeable advocate on your side. The Law Office of Charles C. Cosby, Jr. defends clients charged with all manner of major crimes, everything ranging from homicide to assault and drug crimes to fraud. Attorney Charles C. Cosby, Jr. and his staff are dedicated to helping him provide the highest quality legal services while taking the time to educate his clients about the justice system. Mr. Cosby wants them to truly understand what is happening, giving them the knowledge necessary to make informed decisions about moving forward.

Since a conviction for one of these crimes may bring potential penalties like prison time or jail time, hefty fines and public stigma, you need to fight the charges as hard as possible. Though it may be possible to appeal a conviction, obtaining a dismissal, or not guilty verdict the first time is clearly in your best interest. It may be wise, depending on the facts of the case, to seek a reduction of the charge or charges to a lesser offense or to negotiate an agreement with the prosecutor. Having an accomplished criminal defense lawyer like Charles C. Cosby, Jr. on your side can be the difference between freedom and lengthy incarceration. Contact my office today by calling me at 804-636-3045 or sending an e-mail.

Based in the well known Willow Lawn area in Richmond, Virginia, Mr. Cosby handles defense against serious crimes for clients. In fact, he has appeared in over 60 jurisdictions throughout the Commonwealth of Virginia.

A Team Approach

The Law Office of Charles C. Cosby, Jr. uses a team approach, drawing upon the skills and experience of everyone on his staff to build the strongest cases possible. He prides himself on keeping the lines of communication open with his clients, keeping them informed about developments in the case and regularly responding to any concerns they might have. Defense of criminal charges, criminal appeals, parole and pardon matters are all he does, and he prides himself on doing it well. As a testament to his long record of success, he regularly gets referrals from previous clients and enjoys the respect of clients and colleagues alike.

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Contact me online or call me at 804-636-3045 for an initial consultation. In addition to offering appointments at my Richmond law office, I am also available for offsite or after hours meetings as necessary.


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